Behind Closed Doors: Secrets To A Happy Marriage
Behind Closed Doors: Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Behind Closed Doors: Secrets To A Happy Marriage

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"Over 46% of people surveyed said that they had considered leaving their marriage at some point."

Behind Closed Doors: Secrets To A Happy Marriage is the result of a survey of over 1000 people who shared their experiences, thoughts and ideas about their relationships, their marriages, their happiness and what it all looks like. 

It has one intention: 

To start a conversation. 

Because we don't speak enough about marriage. 

We are always told that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. A marriage that looks happy and lively on the surface, maybe hiding some sort of skeleton in the closet. But what I’ve always wondered is why do we keep these things behind closed doors? Why are we so scared to show our cracks and our faults to others? 

Sure, I understand that what happens between a married couple is private, to a degree, but that doesn’t mean we have to go through these difficult times alone. 


So what do we do to fix it?

We start talking. 

We start talking about all the things that are involved in marriage. The good, the bad, the incredible and the difficult, the fun, the stress, the struggles and the love. All of it. 

That’s what this book does. It starts a conversation. This book is a commentary on a collection of data, infused with my thoughts, experiences and observations. 

It challenges the way you think about happy marriages, it shares personal responses from the survey respondents and it makes you question what it is that you want from your relationships. 

So let's start a conversation. Let's chat. 

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